Let's Build a Future of Peace Together

Below are just a few ways in which you can participate in the work of BL4P, but we invite you to dream up your own creative and brilliant ways to contribute to the movement! If you have an awesome idea that you want to try, contact us, and let’s start a conversation.

Have a Minute?

Even if you only have a minute or two, here are a few ways to help build peace with us:

  • Spread the word about BL4P on social media. Share our videos and blog posts and invite your friends to join the movement.

Have an Hour or Two?

A lot can be done in an hour or two. Here's one:

  • Create your own fundraising campaign. To get your ideas flowing, check out what our friend Matt did on one Sunday afternoon to raise money for Syrian refugees!

Have a Week?

Here are some ideas that involve more time and personal investment.

  • Design and host your own fundraising event with your friends!
  • Come to one of our peace camps!

Have a Month?

Here are some ideas that involve more time but could be so rewarding.

  • Organize a peace camp in your community. If you think that this work would be beneficial for your community, we would love to come to you!
  • Join an existing BL4P Local Chapter or gather some like-minded friends and start one in your community


Help Us Continue Building Leaders 4 Peace

You can be a part of helping support the local participants, many of whom are refugees, who will be attending BL4P peace camps. Consider fully or partially supporting one of these local participants to attend the camp and be a part of their journey toward peace.

  • It costs approximately $500 total or $70/day for each attendee.

You can also help support some of the service projects where the participants engage the local community.

  • $25 helps bring an orphan to be a part of the peace celebration
  • $100 helps buy supplies for painting refugee schools or provides basic school materials to refugee children.

Help us by being a part of the peace process. Please consider partnering with us to empower the next generation to lead their communities toward peace.