BL4P envisions a peaceful future by partnering with and equipping young people in conflict regions around the world.

We facilitate events and gatherings that help develop young leaders who will build peace through friendship, reconciliation, and service.

Everyone can be a peacemaker! Come to a peace camp, join a local chapter, or dream up your own creative and brilliant way to contribute to the movement.


In August 2016, Building Leaders 4 Peace was born. We invited young adults from around the world to a small Turkish town, not far from the Syrian border. We wanted to foster a community that would be passionate about building peace, through love, forgiveness, reconciliation, and service - because we believe peace is possible.


In August 2016, BL4P hosted a peace camp in southeastern Turkey that brought together 75 young people from the Middle East and North America to engage in building a future of peace together.

Participants spent the week learning and practicing five peace values:

  1. Celebrating diversity
  2. Collaboration
  3. Conflict resolution
  4. Catalytic leadership through reconciliation and forgiveness
  5. Changing the world

After being immersed in these topics, learning from each other, and growing as a community, participants spent the last two days serving Syrian refugee children.  As a result of the week, cultural tensions were broken down, language barriers were overcome and lasting friendships were built.

"BL4P was a spectacular experience for me for several reasons, one being that I wrote my first poem—about peace. It was an emotional moment for me. I believe in peace and I believe in myself more than before. I believe in my friends from different countries. I believe we can build peace everywhere because we are strong. We are not strong with our bodies and our power but we are strong with our feelings and our hearts and our souls."  - Zubyeir (Student & Peace Leader)


Life is not about you or me. It is about what do you do and how you do it! This was a super week where we managed to be a one whole family made up of 7 nationalities. The greatest thing about it was the amount of love you could see in everybody's face. We had peace among us and that is proof that we can make peace with others. And it didn't stop the day we were separated. It will never end.


Peace Leader
The nations are desperate for peace. So what we witnessed was an amazing and unprecedented movement of peace as 7 different nationalities came together and 75 people said: "The world needs to change and it starts with me."


Nurse & Peace Leader


Student & Peace Leader
In one week we were able to make ordinary young people from 7 different countries into one amazing family! Peace is what brought us together, so we feel like we owe peace something back. And as a unique big family we'd like to tell you that, if we were able to build peace between us in just 6 days, you can do it too!


Help Us Continue Building Leaders 4 Peace

You can be a part of helping support the local participants, many of whom are refugees, who will be attending BL4P peace camps. Consider fully or partially supporting one of these local participants to attend the camp and be a part of their journey toward peace.

  • It costs approximately $500 total or $70/day for each attendee.

You can also help support some of the service projects where the participants engage the local community.

  • $25 helps bring an orphan to be a part of the peace celebration
  • $100 helps buy supplies for painting refugee schools or provides basic school materials to refugee children.

Help us by being a part of the peace process. Please consider partnering with us to empower the next generation to lead their communities toward peace.