BL4P envisions a peaceful future by partnering with and equipping young people in conflict regions around the world. We intend to create a movement of people who recognize their shared humanity regardless of age, race, or religion, who are developing a lifestyle of peace, and who are committed to being peace leaders in their communities.


We facilitate relational spaces dedicated to developing and catalyzing young leaders who are passionate about building a future of peace through friendship, reconciliation, and service. BL4P is committed to promoting a peaceful future through week-long peace camps where participants are immersed in intentional community, cross-cultural collaboration, perspective sharing, and service projects.


We all belong to a narrative, a story that informs who we are, where we come from, and what we stand for.

At BL4P, we believe in sharing our stories with one another and writing new chapters together. We are passionate about stories that acknowledge our common humanity and compel us toward a future of peace.

Change begins within ourselves. As we experience the power of forgiveness in our own hearts, we see how this peace affects our relationships with others. We believe that any conflict, whether big or small, can be overcome through love and forgiveness.

At BL4P, we strive to provide spaces where differences can be understood and opponents can be reconciled, so we can truly experience peace and unity.

The opportunity to meet and work with a diverse community of participants allows us to build something very special. It allows us to confront the stereotypes that divide us.

At BL4P, we see community as the building block for peace, a safe place in which we are encouraged to ask questions, to find common ground, to challenge one another's ideologies, and to learn from one another.

Creating a community of peace is just the beginning. It requires respect for one another as well as a willingness to learn from one another’s experiences and ideas that will move us to make a difference.

At BL4P we use creative and interactive activities to encourage each participant to contribute what they know and what they envision for their community as we seek to understand peace and find ways to move toward it.

Not only do we respect the diversity of those represented in the communities of peace we build, we CELEBRATE it. We celebrate the unique gifts, talents, and viewpoints of those represented and take every opportunity to learn about the beauty found within our exchanges.

At BL4P. we celebrate dance, music, art, and faith. We celebrate our shared humanity and the ways in which we look different. We celebrate the goals that we create and work towards together.

A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible, and more specifically at BL4P, that peace is possible. As leaders of peace, we believe that everyone can be a peacemaker, so we boldly invite others into the peacemaking process. But before mobilizing others, we must first model peace in our own lives.

At BL4P, we are always looking for innovative ways to spur one another on toward working for peace.

Peace begins with understanding. We strive to model, maintain, and teach a learner’s posture, starting from a place of curiosity and a desire to learn from each other.

At BL4P, we believe in facilitating spaces where participants are free to ask questions, learn from each other, delight in this learning, and cultivate their own sense of curiosity about the world, and about all the beautiful people that reside in it.

We believe that peace is possible because everyone can be a peacemaker. It starts with individuals like you and me. But imagine if people from all nations, religions, languages and cultures came together with a common hope. T

At BL4P, the invitation is open to everyone. Join us today in working toward a future of peace.


BL4P facilitates Peace Camps where participants from diverse cultural and faith backgrounds come together for one week, united by a common hope for peace. The first five days are spent learning about peace together through sessions, challenges, creative activities, and group discussions. The last two days of camp are spent in service to the community, to foster a collaborative spirit and put our learning into action. This is a unique multicultural opportunity for participants to share meals, rooms, and experiences with other young people from around the world.











DAYS 6 & 7



In August 2016, BL4P hosted a peace camp in southeastern Turkey that brought together 75 young people from the Middle East and North America to engage in building a future of peace together.


Life is not about you or me. It is about what do you do and how you do it! This was a super week where we managed to be a one whole family made up of 7 nationalities. The greatest thing about it was the amount of love you could see in everybody's face. We had peace among us and that is proof that we can make peace with others. And it didn't stop the day we were separated. It will never end.


Peace Leader
The nations are desperate for peace. So what we witnessed was an amazing and unprecedented movement of peace as 7 different nationalities came together and 75 people said: "The world needs to change and it starts with me."


Nurse & Peace Leader


Student & Peace Leader
In one week we were able to make ordinary young people from 7 different countries into one amazing family! Peace is what brought us together, so we feel like we owe peace something back. And as a unique big family we'd like to tell you that, if we were able to build peace between us in just 6 days, you can do it too!


2014 - Beginning the Journey
May, 2014

Birth of a Vision

In May 2014, Sam and Kendra traveled with a small team to Hatay, Turkey to visit schools for Syrian children who had fled from the war. Their hearts broke for these children who had grown up amidst violence and tragedy.

Sam and Kendra were also inspired by the teachers, many of whom were only 19-23 years of age and had chosen to sacrifice going to university and pursuing their careers to teach this next generation of Syrians. They saw how passionate these teachers were about helping these children not only receive an education, but also regain some sense of normalcy after the trauma of war.

Moved by their sacrifice, inspired by their determination, and humbled by their selflessness, Sam and Kendra wondered how they could support these teachers and an emerging generation of young leaders.  Out of this experience, BL4P was born.




August, 2016

Our First Peace Camp | Turkey

BL4P hosts it's first peace camp in southeastern Turkey, bringing together 75 young adults from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Armenia, Canada, USA, and Mexico.  Participants spent the week learning and practicing five peace values: celebrating diversity, collaboration, conflict resolution, catalytic leadership through reconciliation and forgiveness, and changing the world.

After being immersed in these topics, learning from each other, and growing as a community, participants spent the last two days serving Syrian refugee children.

At the peace camp, cultural tensions were broken down, language barriers were overcome, and lasting friendships were built.

WATCH 'Our First Peace Camp' Highlight Video

September, 2016

First Local Chapters Formed | Turkey

Peace camp participants from Anatkya, Reyhanli, and Gaziantep form local BL4P chapters in their cities. The goal of each team is to continue to build community with one another as Turks, Syrians, Kurds, and Iraqis, and to build peace in their local communities through acts of love and service. Their first initiatives include visiting orphanages, hospitals, and schools.


June, 2017

BL4P Colombia Peace Camp

BL4P hosts its first Peace Camp in South America, near Cali, Colombia. It was a rich time of community with friends from Cauca, Choco, Bogota, Esperanza, and Cali. This was a pilot project where we gathered together with local faith leaders to dream and plan for a peace camp coming up in the summer of 2018.

July, 2017

BL4P Turkey Peace Camp

BL4P hosted its second annual Peace Camp on the beautiful coast of southeast Turkey. With some old friends and some new, we had a transformative week together with just over 100 Turkish, Syrian, and North American young peace leaders.

WATCH 'Big Family' Video from BL4P 2017 Turkey

July, 2017

BL4P Iraq Peace Camp

BL4P teams up with a local NGO to host our first ever Peace Camp in  Northern Iraq. This was a powerful experience of Yazidis, Muslims, and Christians coming together unified by their hope for a future of peace.

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Summer, 2017

New Local Chapters Formed | Turkey & Iraq

After our peace camps in the summer of 2017, four new chapters are developed by participants in Adana, Mersin, Urfa, and Izmir, Turkey, as well as in Duhok, Northern Iraq.

February - July 2018

Coming in 2018

BL4P Leadership Retreat in Turkey and BL4P Peace Camps in California, Indonesia, Colombia, Turkey, and Iraq

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