Our mission is to facilitate relational spaces for young people to come together and build friendships across cultural, religious, ideological, and lingual lines. One of the ways that we do this is through Peace Camps - a week of intentional community - where young people from different countries and cultures spend five days learning and applying peace values, culminating in two days of serving together locally.


The United States is home to people from many religious, cultural, national, ideological, and economic backgrounds. This diversity is a source of great strength but can also be a cause of deep tension.

Join BL4P in Fresno, California for a week of learning and serving together in an interfaith, intercultural, multiracial environment. Be a part of sharing perspectives, learning about peace, and building authentic friendships that celebrate the strength of our diversity.


After more than 50 years of conflict, Colombians are weary of war and desperate for peace. Last year, a peace agreement was signed between the government and guerrilla forces. But there are still many uncertainties surrounding this peace process. More than ever, Colombia needs peace, forgiveness and reconciliation.

BL4P Colombia offers a unique opportunity to share these values with an emerging generation.


BL4P got its start in Turkey, hosting our first ever camp in 2016! We've had participants from all over the world come together in their united desire for peace. 

We've been able to learn from each other, build long-lasting relationships, and work together in community service activities.


In recent years, Iraq has often been characterized by war, conflict and tension.

In the summer of 2017, BL4P hosted its first Peace Camp in Northern Iraq with Yazidi refugees, Muslim Kurds, and Christians. It was a profound time of building friendship, sharing stories, and coming together for a common goal of peace.

Are you 18-years-of-age or older and live in one of the above regions? Would you like more info about how to join us for a Peace Camp?


BL4P is committed to catalyzing young leaders who are passionate about building a future of peace. It is our hope that following the Peace Camp, all of our participants will leave with a passion for collaboratively building a future of peace starting in their local communities. Local chapters are made up of young people who are working at a grassroots level to be leaders for peace, committed to not only working for peace where they live, but also inviting and inspiring others to do the same.