"The stories we heard are no longer far-off media sound bites. The stories have faces, tears, smiles, scars, dances, hugs, heart and soul language that have now become part of our stories. We are all one humanity. Our voices will be heard in all parts of this planet, and we will break down the walls that divide us, so that we can build peace together." - Joan Godard (BL4P Facilitator)

Shortly after returning home from the first BL4P Peace Camp, participants in the cities of Gaziantep and Reyhanli in southeastern Turkey met to continue strategizing about how to build peace in their own communities.  The meetings were dynamic and filled with possibilities as these newly formed Local Chapters brainstormed numerous ideas on how to reach
Monday, 05 September 2016 / Published in 2016, BL4P Participant Stories, BL4P Peace Camps, BL4P Turkey
One of the highlights – among many – of BL4P Turkey 2016, was Creative Expression Night. Participants sketched, painted, wrote, and composed artwork, poetry, and songs to convey their stories and hearts for peace. Zubyeir, a Syrian, who like many other Syrian participants at the camp, had been forced to flee his homeland due to
Thursday, 01 September 2016 / Published in 2016, BL4P Peace Camps, BL4P Turkey, Blog, Video
In August 2016, BL4P hosted a peace camp in southeastern Turkey that brought together 75 young people from the Middle East and North America to engage in building a future of peace together. Participants spent the week learning and practicing five peace values: celebrating diversity collaboration conflict resolution catalytic leadership through reconciliation and forgiveness, and